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Track & Field is a Spring SPORT which also qualifies as a 5th period elective class.
Athletes will receive class credits for 100% participation in Track & Field.
Track & Field is NOT a PE Class, Track & Field is a SPORT.

Athlete Information
To be eligible to participate in Track & Field, ALL the following must be completed:
  - Course Syllabus (Read & Signed): This must be completed by all athletes taking part in NPHS Track & Field and their parent/guardian. The guideline provides important information about the expectations of the program and includes acknowledgement of the course syllabus and donation commitment. The following forms must be completed and turned in.

   - 2024 NPHS Track & Field Guideline & Athlete Conduct Form (click to review)
   - 2024 NPHS Track & Field Parent or Guardian Conduct Form (click to review)
   - Complete Team DONATION
2. UNIFORM (same uniform as last season.) If your athlete is a freshman or new to the program, you MUST order a uniform top at the Parent & Athlete meeting, If you cannot complete your team donation, athletes may borrow a uniform top for the season, and return it after their last competition meet*, * Refer to 2024 NPHS Track & Field Guideline. Athletes are to provide their own black bottoms (see T&F Guideline)




Registration for the 2024 Track & Field Season: Click HERE to register

If you are unsure if your athlete is on the Team, please click here (coming soon) for the roster.


Participating in tryouts does not guarantee a place on the team.



Your donation of $300 per athlete supports the Track & Field program. All donations go directly to pay for coaches, equipment, entry fees, uniform top…everything it takes to run, and to have, a track season. Without your financial support, the program would not be able to function. Donations can be made by credit card online or at the Parent Meeting by cash, check or credit card.   DONATE

No athlete will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation & will be provded a uniform top to borrow for the season.

* Note: State law requires us to provide a public education free of charge & the California Dept of Education has concluded that this law prohibits schools from requiring parents of students to work at fundraising events and activities, including being a booster member or volunteer coach, as a condition of allowing their child(ren) to participate in an educational activity.



Uniform Tops
Uniform tops must be ordered through the registration process if you are new to the program or did not receive one last season. If you have a track & field uniform top from last season, it is the same uniform for this season. When ordering don't forget the following:
      * Measurements must be taken and entered on the form (How to measure below)
      * Fit preference (Loose fit, fitted, or compression fit)

Uniform Bottoms
Athletes will provide their own bottoms. It must be all black, no stripes or large Brand Logo (e.g. Nike or Nike Swoosh, Adidas or Adidas Stripes, etc.).
      * Members of the relay team must have the same bottoms (ex: all shorts or all pants)
      * Women compression style shorts (3" - 7" inseam) No brief or basketball style shorts.
      * Men compression style shorts (5" - 9" inseam) or split shorts
      * Distance: Split shorts optional.
      * Any other style (compression pants) must get head coach approval
      * May not wear shorts with NPHS PE, basketball, XC, football, or other sport logos

Running Shoes/Spikes
Proper running shoes are essential to prevent injury. Vans, Converse, Dunks and the like are NOT proper footwear for track. 

Spikes must have 3/16" needle point. Check with discipline coach for appropriate spikes for your event(s). * Sprint spikes may be available to borrow for the season. (Limited sizes. First come, first serve). Loaner spikes must be returned in good condition or you will receive an incomplete grade for the class.

How to Measure the Chest
Arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest/bust (around the shoulder blades and under the arms). Do not pull tight, the measuring tape should be straight and flat against the body, yet comfortable.

Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be passing 20 semester credits to be eligible to participate in Athletics or a Co-Curricular Activity.  Initial eligibility is based on the grading period immediately before the season of sport. Eligibility will be reviewed at each grading period.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any student who has transferred to NPHS in the 12 months prior to a season must contact the Athletic Director for CIF transfer eligibility .



For the 2024 Season, transportation will be Bus and Parent Drive.  Each athlete must complete and return the form. Form is available HERE for download.

Buses will be provided for away meets. Click HERE to pay the transportation fee. Questions to be directed to Michelle Tucker, NPHS Athletic Secretary,

     * Athletes going home with parents must submit the parent drive form. Athletes are not allowed to drive themselves to & from competition.

If you would like to drive other athletes, you must go through the process to become a CVUSD Level 2 Volunteer. 


At the district website,, click on Community, and then on the left side click on Volunteer Opportunities.


Click on DISTRICT VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT GUIDE to see the different levels of volunteers.  Level 2 Clearance is for driving students. The items listed below are what need to be provided in order to be cleared as a volunteer driver with CVUSD.  Current COVID protocol requires all occupants of the vehicle to be masked at all times.


  1. Print and fill out a Volunteer Registration Authorization Form, located in the same area on the district website under Volunteer Guide & Forms. 


   2. Print and fill out a Volunteer Code of Conduct Form, located in the same area on the district

       website under Volunteer Guide & Forms. 


   3. Provide a photocopy of your Driver’s License, current Vehicle Registration, Covid Vaccination card

       OR your negative Covid test results of a test taken within 72 hours of you driving.


   4. Provide proof of a negative TB test OR clearance if you have one on file with your physician that is

       less than 4 years old.  If you do not have a current negative test or clearance on file, fill out the TB

       Risk Assessment Clearance from the district website.  Your doctor or an urgent care physician will

       sign off on the Assessment Clearance and administer the test only if necessary.  We have had

       successful and timely results with Exer Urgent Care in Newbury Park, they charge ~$40 for the



    5. Sexual Offender Check (Megan’s Law) – this is done by the school/district


    6. DMV Report – Driver Record Request – please go to and in the search bar at the

        top right type ‘Driver Record Request’.  Click on ‘Driver’s Record Request’ and follow the

        instructions to create an online account and request your driver record. $2 charge.


    7. Provide a copy of your Auto Insurance Policy and Declaration Page.  The Declaration Page must

        show that your auto insurance policy matches or exceeds the dollar amount limits required by the

        district, listed on the form #8. 


    8. Print and fill out the Personal Vehicle Use Registration Form, located in the same area on the

        district website under Volunteer Guide & Forms.


  All forms and requirements listed above should be e-mailed to Michelle Tucker, NPHS Athletics



2024 Track & Field Guidelines

Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance

The clearance process MUST be completed BEFORE your athlete will be able to tryout, practice, or play.  Coaches will not allow athletes to participate in tryouts or practices until cleared. 


Any student who wishes to participate in any sport must follow these steps:

  1. Get a physical or Sports Clearance from any doctor. You must use the CVUSD official form.  Click HERE for mandatory CVUSD Sports Clearance Form form to take to the doctor.

    • Parents must fill out the top section of the Sports Clearance Form completely and sign it in the middle of the page.

    • The Sports Clearance Form must be SIGNED and DATED by a medical practitioner.

    • Physicals/Sports Clearances are valid for 12 months from the date of the exam.

  2. New athletes — Create an online account on

  3. Current NPHS athletes adding another sport — Update your online account on

**IMPORTANT—Students must create an online clearance for EACH SPORT* they wish to participate in during the school year. Clearance for one sport does not mean the student is cleared for every sport. * Adding additional sport to current account. DO NOT create a NEW account.

Need help or more information: contact Michelle Tucker, Athletic Secretary at (805) 498-3676 or

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