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2022 Team Roster (updated 2/11/2022)



Batty, Brooklyn

Bean, Emily

Danielle, Brotcke

Caulfield, Clara

Chisholm, Kailani

Cohen, Lily

Cruz, Dana

Darley, Lexi

Dukler, Yaeli

Fodor, Samantha

Gaynor, Rosheen

Gillard, Grace

Gonzalez, Giselle

Granillo, Sophia

Greding, Callie Jane

Hawkings, Chanel

Hawkins, Ailish

Henderson, Quinn

Heredia, Samantha

Hernandez, Grace

Hilton, Brooklyn

Inouye, Abby

Jordan, Zara

Lehto, Norah

Kahoe, Victoria

Knoedler, Katie

Lanazca, Isabella

Lunney, Elizabeth

McDonnell, Samantha

Mcelhanon, Norah

Merrill, Ashlynn

Motz, Mackenzie

Natarajan, Maya

Nygren, Morgan

Pace, Abbie

Pace, Maddie

Parish, Sydney

Patel, Soniya

Phipps, Karissa

Richardson, Sitara

Richey, Victoria

Roeske, Ella

Rosenthal, Cassidy

Round, Abigail

Sanders, Ava

Sax, Tiffany

Scully, Paige

Senjack, Natasha

Smith, Bronwyn

Sparks, Baylie

Spaulding, Samantha

Terry, Kyra

Trotman, Ella

Tuntoko, Gianna

Turner, Tyler

Villavicencio, Samantha

Walling, Naomi

Watson, Taylor

Woomer, Cali

Wirtz, Kayla


Alvarez, James

Appleford, Daniel

Badwal, Eshan

Bahnsen, John

Bailey, Steven

Barr, Sebastian

Blunt, Zaki

Bowen, Mason

Buechsenschuetz, Aiden

Cantu, Aaron

Caputo, Oliver

Covarrubias, Truen

Crise, Christopher

Doshi, Dev

Durbiano, Nicholas

Grandpre, James

Greding, Owen

Jacobs, Nolan

Jacobs, Tyler

Johnson, Braden

Kalama, Samuel

Kanner, Tristan

Kelly, Rhys

Koppenjan, Parker

Kovach, Alex

Kurtz, Jackson

Le, Nicholas

Leffall, Lexington

Lewis, Zach

Leon, John

Lorentz, Colin

Malone, Matthew

Marko, Nathan

Martinez, Hector

McIntire, Jake

Merrill, Christian

Mohamed, Rayhan

Morales, Andrew

Nassar, Kareem

Nataranjan, Arjun

Olsen, Adam

Patel, Sagar

Payne, Isaiah

Porter, Nate

Rasheed, Khalil

Richey, Jacob

Rosenthal, Shane

Sahlman, Aaron

Sahlman, Colin

Scarpace, Aidan

Schohn, Nathaniel

Schultz, Lance

Shetty, Arnav

Simmons, Charlie

Sincock, Gregory

Slaterbeck, Shane

Sloan, Johan

Stillman, Josiah

Tarascio, Jack

Terry, Caden

Watson, Jack

Windham-Hughes, Oliver

Wing, Ethan

Yasui, Jack

Yates, Luke

Young, Leo

Young, Lex 

We would like to thank all the student athletes that participated in NPHS track and field tryouts. As all programs have finite resources, the coaches are tasked with managing ours. In order to provide the highest quality coaching experience and be competitive, cuts have to be made. These reductions are based on minimum league (Marmonte) standards (+10%) for junior varsity as well as varsity. With these standards set, we have endeavored to include as many students as possible without bringing competitions and practice to a halt because of performance differentials. While we understand this news is disappointing, hopefully this will provide insights into why NPHS offers a multitude of spring sports and we encourage all students to explore other options. 

Parent and Athlete meeting for all disciplines- Jan 9 at 6:30 pm in the NPHS Cafeteria


Distance - Contact Coach 


Questions - Contact Coach Rasheed

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